Food travel vlogger Mark Weins has a mega following on Youtube with over 700 million views. His enthusiasm for local food shines in this vlog. And remember, even if you are not as game as Mark to try some of the local warungs (family street restaurants), our staff at villa Jendela di Bali can cook you dishes that share the essence of Balinese flavour, with the chilli and spice tones down to suit your palette!

Here’s an extract from Mark’s vlog description on Youtube (check him out and subscribe):

Ubud is known to be one of the cultural centers of Bali island in Indonesia, and you’ll also find an abundance of delicious Balinese food to eat.

Lawar Sapi Men Daging Sangeh

This was a random restaurant I found on Google maps and it looked like my kind of place, and so we went to check it out. They serve beef lawar, a Balinese food mix of beef and spices. It was delicious, and made the perfect breakfast.

Sangeh Monkey Forest

Warung Sate Babi Nyoman Bledor

Bali is known for Indonesian pork sate, and this spot is legendary. The pork sate is a little sweet, but delicious, it’s worth the effort to eat here.

Goa Gajah - Elephant Cave

The Elephant Cave is one of the most well known Bali attractions, and well worth a visit when you’re in Bali.

Warung Makan Teges

This local Indonesian restaurant serves nasi campur, a mix of different dishes all over rice. The food is very tasty and to me it tasted good quality.

Nasi Ayam Kadewatan Bu Mangku

Finally to finish off this Balinese Indonesian food tour, we at Bali chicken rice mix, includes all sorts of delicious goodies over rice.

Thank you for watching this Indonesian food video!