Sound Healing in Ubud

The Pyramids of Chi is Ubud's latest - and most striking - sound healing and mediation experience. It is a beautiful concept in both architecture and therapy.

Two stunning pyramids - Gold 'Pyramid of the Sun' and Silver 'Pyramid of the Moon' - stand in a picturesque landscape a few kilometres from the centre of Ubud and within easy reach of villa Jendela di Bali.

The experience starts with the induction room, where an introduction to the ancient pyramids at Cheops that inspired this creation in the ricefields of Bali brings visitors up to speed and prepares you for the experience that is to follow.


Here is how the soundscape you will encounter in a session is described by the creators of the Pyramids of Chi: 

The haunting, etheral and primal sounds will be created for you in the Pyramids from the many ancient instruments. Just know this will enthrall you and possibly induce a number of hidden emotions, feelings or reactions, all of which if they come through to you, are special gifts of ‘Sound Healing’ from the Universe!

The effect of the healing treatments is quite profound:

The rhythm, beats and vibrations of the gongs, drums and Didgeridoo in combination with the scent of the sandalwood and peaceful atmosphere in the Pyramids of Chi reduce ‘beta-wave’ a brain waves that dominate aroused conscious thought, and increase the intensity of ‘theta-waves’ within the brain, which introduces deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self.

You can read more about the approach behind the Pyramids of Chi's healing experience here.

Location: #22 Jl Kelebang Moding, Bentuyung, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
Phone: (+62)  361 9000717
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