We couldn’t have dreamed of a more beautiful and romantic honeymoon.
- Aditya and Sri Vani, USA


Hideaway in the hills in a private villa filled with love, created with care and blessed with enchanting authenticity.

Jendela di Bali private villa is beloved by honeymooners for its sense of seclusion and our warm and effervescent staff, who weave a romantic story to delight you and infuse your days with laughter and joy.

You will enjoy the whole estate to yourself: the stunning pool, gorgeous handcrafted living spaces and parkland gardens are your own private paradise, evoking the mythical, sacred island of 'Lanka' in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Can you imagine a more divine, utterly romantic setting to start your life together?

Our Honeymooner's Poem

It all begins days before you arrive,
Dressing the villa in gorgeous white linens,
Planning the floral decorations,
Choosing your fresh fruit presentation,
Tending the stunning gardens.

While we're preparing for you to arrive,
We're laughing, smiling and getting ready
For that special day to come....
The day you and your betrothed join us in paradise....
For the days we know you will hold in your heart forever.

You'll truly know we mean these words,
From the moment you arrive and we greet you warmly.
You will see it in the care we bring to preparing a romantic dinner,
And the little touches we lavish for your surprise.
Most of all, you will feel it with every smile we share with you.

Of all the glorious places on this paradise island of Bali,
We hope you'll choose ours...
And in return, we'll open our hearts...
For your most cherished days yet...
Your honeymoon, together.

With love, Dayu Made and the family that is Jendela di Bali.

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