I feel like I have gone back in time to the old Bali....I will always remember my time here and hold it in a special place in my heart...
- Leihia, New Zealand

The Jendela di Bali Experience

It's easy to show the physical spaces of any villa in photos and list the facilities. We're sure that in searching for your perfect Bali experience you have probably seen many wonderful options already.

So, we'd like to share with you just a little of the essence of Jendela di Bali to give you feel for whether the experience we offer is the one to make your holiday unforgettable......

The Essence of Jendela di Bali

Imagine a unique property along a jungle gorge, at the top of one of Bali's rare, high caste sacred villages. Nearby, rice fields create a patchwork of verdant green and gold.

With a tasteful blend of traditional Bali and Java colonial styles, Jendela di Bali offers a sense of place and spirit that sets it apart.

The sounds you will hear are not those of silence. The sounds you will hear are of authentic village life: the sacred, the industrious, the ebb and flow from sunrise to sunset and, on religious occasions, evenings as well. Nothing you will see or hear is put on for tourists. It is all genuine.

Distant laughter, chanting, traditional Gamelan orchestras emanating from temples and homes, people bathing, harvesting rice, carving – these are the sounds of people worshipping, creating and living. These are the sounds of a people in constant motion, whose every act is a crescendo toward worshipping their gods.

Other senses will be excited as well. Wafts of incense, aromas from temple feasts, sweet frangipani and the blinking of fireflies at night blend into an unforgettable backdrop to the Jendela di Bali experience.

Jendela di Bali suits those who seek a window onto a living, evolving culture. You are not isolated from real life nor are you wedged within a tourist hotspot. You are close to Ubud's dining, art and culture, real coffee and fine dining when you want it, but far enough away to escape.

Step outside the Villa gate and you can stroll through endless rice fields or wander villages famed for their wood carving. Within a short drive are dramatic rivers, some of Bali's most famous sacred temples, relic sites and steaming volcanoes. And if your timing is lucky, you might even be able to witness a local ceremony.

Rather than luxury, we offer style. We also offer heartfelt, unrehearsed hospitality from staff who live in the local village. Their languid pace of life revolves around devotion to their gods and sharing their culture with you.

Jendela di Bali will not suit those who seek total silence or crave constant entertainment, night life and crowds of tourists.

We are neither a monastery or a modern hotspot – we are the real Bali, neither silent nor touristy.

We are a place to relax, discover a unique culture and escape the crowds.

Does this sound like the Bali you were hoping to discover?


enjoy Exclusive Use of this private ubud Villa

Jendela di Bali is not a hotel – it is a private villa set in 2400sqm of tropical gardens available to one exclusive booking at a time. When you book our villa you get exclusive use of the entire estate, which includes the pool, lounge and media room bales, all to yourself. You will never share the villa and pool with other guests….the whole villa estate is yours to enjoy, ensuring your complete privacy. So, whether you book one or two of the unique bedrooms, you and your group still get the entire villa and pool to yourselves. In Low and High Season we offer a lower rate if you only need to use one of the two bedroom bales - but you still get the entire villa and pool to yourselves even if you only need one bedroom bale.

Spending the first few days of our honeymoon here was a blessing... - Jessica and Mark, USA

Planning Your Honeymoon in Ubud?

Start your life together in a place of love, optimism and joy.

Jendela di Bali has been built with love and is staffed by relaxed, friendly Balinese who enjoy nothing more than celebrating life with laughter, good food, a blessed setting and a tranquil vibe.

Jendela di Bali offers honeymooners a nest of unfussy bliss. With a villa comprising romantic architecture and gardens lovingly tended, there is constant interest at every turn.

Yet, despite our outward beauty, we never forget the most important ingredient - the human touch.

It is our staff that will truly make your stay. Quiet, discrete, unpretentious, authentic, always laughing and smiling - these are a few of the words our past honeymooners have used.

It's just natural to us that our guests will leave as friends.

That's why we believe that Jendela di Bali is the perfect hideaway to start a life together.

We hope you'll honour us by starting your life together with us, hidden in the sacred hills of Bali.

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There are so many choices, it is bewildering.

So why choose the tropical island of Bali?

And why choose the a private villa in Ubud to spend your honeymoon?

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Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage

Guests can enjoy relaxation and therapeutic massage in the privacy of the villa with either male or female therapist (subject to availability). You can click here to download our Massage Menu.

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